Thank you

The Catholic Military Ordinariate would like to give thanks to the following Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Defence Attaché’s, and representatives from the following countries for their attendance at the National ANZAC Day Mass at St Christopher’s Cathedral, Canberra on 25 April 2023.

• New Zealand    • United States of America    • Malta    • Vietnam    • Cyprus    • Ukraine   • Indonesia
• Croatia    • Fiji    • Argentina    • Germany    • Hungry    • Philippines    • Singapore    • European Union
• Czech Republic    • Greece    • Italy    • Chile    • India    • Netherlands     • Ireland

We would like to also thank the representatives from Federal and Local Government and all services of the Australian Defence Force.
Particular thanks is also given to those in the Ensign party, OCDTS from ADFA and those giving Military Support to the Mass.
Our deep gratitude also goes to the Veterans who continue to support us on this day each year with their role in welcoming guests to the Cathedral.