Welcome to the Catholic Military Ordinariate of Australia

Bushfire MessageThis is the Catholic Diocese of the Australian Military Services which has been charged with the pastoral care of the uniformed members of Australia’s Navy, Army and Air Force, their families and of the civilians employed by the Department of Defence.

Whether you are seeking specific information or just browsing we are delighted to have you visit us.

The Diocese is not all that large in terms of numbers of people but our people are involved in a vocation, which is most important. Our Chaplains, both full-time and part-time, serve wherever our people are serving whether in war or peace, at home in various parts of Australia or overseas.

As the Catholic Diocese of the Australian Military Services, we live in the world and relate to the world. As a Diocese we uphold the way of life, traditions and mores of our society and Church in relation to behavior, family life, marriage and social justice.

This Diocese is deeply committed to providing pastoral care to all members of the Australian Defence Force and their families wherever they may be.

Please enjoy your visit. Every blessing.