Professional Standards Requirements

To all Visiting Clergy and Religious


We welcome your visit to the Military Diocese and thank you in anticipation for your ministry and the pastoral care that you extend to military members and families. In order to exercise ministry in this Diocese, you will need to fulfil the obligations of providing the various documentation as required by the Church throughout Australia.

If you are registered on the National Catholic Database and have an Australian Catholic Ministry Register (AMCR) number, the process is relatively simple. After contacting the Chancery or the local Catholic Chaplain at the location of the military chapel where you intend to minister, the requirement will be that you provide your ACMR number and your State’s (or Territory’s) ‘Working with Children Check’ (WWCC).

If you are do not possess an ACMR number, in order to exercise your ministry in this Diocese, you will need to complete and return the following documents and information to the Chancery of the Military Ordinariate:

  • Complete  your Personal declaration Form 45.6  of ‘Towards Healing’ (include your State or Territory’s WWCC or equivalent)
  • Have your Church Authority complete Form 45.7 of ‘Towards Healing’


All visiting clergy should also complete this Visiting Clergy Form and return it to the Chancery of the Military Ordinariate for clearance checks.

The Chancery of the Military Ordinariate
PO Box 63
Campbell ACT 2612


Email the documents to us

The Chancery will contact you stating that you are clear to perform ministry and granting you the faculties of the Diocese for the occasion.