Become a Priest Chaplain

Fr Gabriel Ezenwa
Fr Gabriel Ezenwa

The Military Diocese will always require Priest Chaplains in service for only Priests can provide fully the Church’s ministry to the men and women in service and to their ADF families.

There are two avenues to attract Priestly vocations:

  1. For those lay men, whether currently in the ADF or in civilian life wishing to discern a possible vocation to the Priesthood. Please contact the Military Diocese Vocations Director:
    Fr Damian Styles –
  2. For clergy engaged in Priestly Ministry who are considering either Full time or Part time (Reserve) ministry in the Diocese. Please contact the Chancery:
    Monsignor Peter O’Keefe – Phone: 0428 888 302

Just some of the responsibilities of a Military Priest:

  • Sacramental and Liturgical ministry, in particular the celebration of Mass in Chapels, on ships and in the field.
  • Sacramental preparation programs.
  • Pastoral care and visitation to work places, homes and to those in hospital or detention.
  • Remembrance and Memorial services.
  • Prayers and Blessings.
  • Character formation – values and ethics.
  • Deploy on Military Exercises or Overseas Operations.
  • Advocate and provide for the spiritual and emotional care of people,
    • as a regional Catholic team leader across all military bases in a geographical area.
    • as part of an ecumenical team or an inter faith team of Chaplains.
    • as part of a multidisciplinary team [medical, psychological and welfare].


  • Be released on loan to the Military Diocese from your Diocese of Ordination by your Religious Superior
  • Two years full time (or equivalent) pastoral experience in a parish, hospital or institutional chaplaincy.
  • Must be medically and physically fit.
  • A genuine desire to work within the Australian Defence Force.
  • Be able to commit to Full Time or Part Time Service
  • Must be an Australian Citizen
  • Be endorsed by the Military Diocese as suitable for military ministry.


Note: All prospective Chaplains must gain endorsement from their denominational authorities before making an application to enter the Defence Force.

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