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Military Chaplaincy = Ministry without Borders


The chaplain identifies with military personnel, becomes one with them, wears their uniform and willingly shares their sacrifices. To ensure the presence of Christ among them, they accept, when necessary, the same conditions of operational life on land, at sea or in the air. They take an interest in each one’s work and strive to discover with them the moral and spiritual value of their roles.

Catholic chaplains in the ADF are called to a particular office within the Catholic community, a particular way of life, including that of a military officer. The primary purpose and reason for being is one of collaborative service and ministry.

Military chaplaincy provides for a flexible and creative ministry of presence. You will work with a dynamic and diverse group of people and their families, mostly young men and women, Catholic, denominational, inter-faith or even those without any sense of faith. As a living icon of the Gospel values you proclaim you will provide an environment that allows military personnel to take comfort in and draw strength from the sacraments and reflect on the responsibilities and challenges of Military life.

You are not confined to a chapel but go wherever your people are, walking beside them and providing the spiritual and emotional strength they need. As you may be the sole Catholic chaplain you will need to be able to operate with a high degree of independence. The days can be long and challenging but the rewards are great.

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A Chaplain’s Prayer:

Help us to be there for each other; committed to each other’s growth. Stir up within us the spirit of generous service to enable our love for you and all your people to flood our bases, our church and our community.